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About the brand

AduAmani creates genuine African-inspired shoes, bags, and fashion accessories. The brand serves as a vehicle to communicate Ghana and African art to the world.

We take pride in our African identity, portrayed through our unique designs. The apparel’s goal is to remain a celebrated household brand and be recognized globally.

Our distinctive designs and African-touch collections highlight the creativity of fashion talents that abound on the continent.

Our items are meticulously sourced, planned, beautifully packaged, and finished to a high standard.

The 'AduAmani' brand represents its birthplace, Ghana and exists to offer prospective clients quality service they can be proud of.

Clients can design their own shoes and customize them to their preferences. Ultimately, client suggestions account for about 80% of our designs.

We also believe in building long-term partnerships with workers, customers, and lucrative suppliers. That is our bedrock for sustainable business growth.

Our pricing is competitive considering the excellent service we provide to meet our clients' needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact AduAmani or any of our agents with any further questions, suggestions, or comments. We would be happy to assist you. Join our journey and become part of our story.

Aduamani Special Services

Because we have such a large selection of designs, colors, fits, and sizes, individual stores find it challenging to stock our entire range. The majority of our stock list/clients, on the other hand, would gladly order single pairs for their consumers.

Any shoe can be delivered in the colors, sizes, and fittings requested on this site or in our brochure. However, kindly note that a small fee may be incurred for this service.

Please refer to our wholesale/special label policy for those buying in bulk or who want it manufactured for their brands.


Most ITEMS may be entirely recreated by the same artisans who created them in the first place. Simply take them to your local AduAmani stock list whenever they need to be repaired, and they will be returned to our manufacturer. Certain ITEMS, on the other hand, cannot be repaired due to their construction.

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